Strength Screen Printing Gets More Things Done with Seps

Matthew, owner of Strength Screen Printing, can now focus on the other side of his business with Seps helping in their art production. Get to know what Seps does for his shop.

Matthew turned his passion for printing into a full-time business specializing in custom screen printing and embroidery on logo design, apparel, and promotional items. Matthew is a one-man show, managing clients, designing graphics, printing, and everything in between. Strength Screen Printing sought the help of Seps so they can get more things done in the shop. 

The Problem

Although Matthew loves what he does, he often finds himself running out of time to get everything done. One of the most significant problems in his shop is that art production takes up a lot of time, resulting in bottlenecks and delays. With a lack of time, the art and proofs he sends to clients aren't always as professional-looking as he would like them to be, causing further delays in approvals and production.

The Solution

Enter Seps! Matthew chose Seps because they offer a time-saving solution to his art production needs. Seps helps him create professional-looking proofs and mockups that are easily presentable to his clients. They offer services such as vector redrawing, color separations, mockups for approval, and more. With their help, Matthew can now focus on other essential tasks while Seps takes care of the rest.

Professional Proofs and Mockups

One of the best things about Seps is its ability to produce professional-looking proofs and mockups for Matthew's clients. They've adapted their proofing templates, color separation templates, and registration marks, so Matthew doesn't have to worry about changing and recalibrating his markings to match the art files.

Get Your Time Back

With Seps's organized system, Matthew can now gain more time to focus on other essential tasks that run his business. He no longer has to worry about graphic design, mockups, and the professional outlook of his business. With Seps, he can easily produce professional-looking artwork, proofs, and mockups that his customers approve of in a time-efficient manner.

Here's what Matthew had to say about Seps: "They get things done way ahead before the job's due. We send them out for approval and get everything done."

Why do shops like Strength Screen Printing use Seps?

With him no longer having to worry about graphic design, mockups, and the branding of his business, Matthew can now spend more time on the other important aspects of running his company.

With Seps, you can solve your artwork struggles, get consistent results, and save time and money. If you want to level up your screen printing business like Strength Screen Printing, try Seps today. Contact us today!

“I chose Seps because it allows me to delegate my time to other important things in my business and not having to worry about designing production files side for my business.”
Matthew Cassidy
Owner of Strength Screen Printing