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Seps.io is on a mission to give ambitious screen printing shop owners the freedom and joy of running their lives and businesses by design.

Seps.io - It's pronounced / Seps -  Dot - Eye  - O/;

Why do we name it Seps.io? It sounds cool... Sorry, no other deep and super meaningful reason. And if you are a screen printer, you already know.

Brand Story

Ambitious screen printing shop owners want to grow and scale their businesses fast but smoothly, without headaches.

The Boss!

In screen printing, solid business operations, and print production efficiency are keys to success. Shop owners know that the art department and managing the graphic arts process are where all the bottlenecks happen - they are time-consuming and can bring print production to a halt. Creating art files is tough and complex, and finding specialized, reliable designers is both expensive and time-consuming. The average time to hire a graphic designer is 2 months, and it's a gamble since you can't be sure they'll fit well, potentially wasting time and money. While trying DYI in-house art projects or using unreliable freelancers might seem tempting, it's not the best solution for growing shops with ambitious owners. Building an in-house art department is a time-consuming and costly experiment.

Shop owners' confidence in their businesses is tied to a smooth business operation and a solid art department. It shouldn't be this hard to run a screen printing shop and find reliable help. Shop owners invest their heart and soul into their businesses, and issues with production and art can jeopardize everything they've worked for.

We're screen printers, too, so we get it!

Seps.io began as a screen printing shop, so we're familiar with all the headaches that come with running a growing shop. Our journey gives you the shortcut you’ve been looking for. Our certified, industry-proven team has helped hundreds of shops by completing over 100K graphic design tasks.

We know what we're doing.

Plus, Gavin, our founder and former shop owner, is deeply involved in the screen printing community - he's the host of the T-shirt Empire podcast, serves on the board of editors for Screen Printing magazine, and helps shops improve their business operations and workflows through educational seminars at trade shows like Impressions (ISS), DAX, and Printing United.

Working with Seps.io is straightforward. It starts with a free trial, where our success team provides concierge onboarding to ensure a seamless transition. You simply input or automate your first few jobs onto our platform, and normally, on the same day, your files come ready to print beautiful t-shirts that your customers will love.

Our commitment to you: if you're not fully satisfied with our quality, speed, and service in the first month, you don't have to pay. We're confident in our abilities and want you to succeed. You can expect a 15-minute response time for all inquiries and a 98% quality rating on your jobs.

Most shops begin with a week's free trial by signing up for one of our flat rate plans with no contracts on our website, but we're also happy to hop on a quick call if you have more questions.

Ambitious shop owners don't settle for DIY or unproven art solutions. With Seps.io, you'll rediscover the joy of running your shop and get back valuable time for more important things in your business and life.

Our Core values

1. Self-Accountable

We take ownership of our duties, manage ourselves efficiently, and learn and grow from our experiences.

2. Adaptable Collaborator

We embrace change when needed and work together to achieve our goals, always respecting others in the process

3. Pleasantly Confident

We are confident because of our experience, training, and continuous learning.  We remain humble, communicate clearly and proactively, and appreciate feedback and the efforts of others.