Streamlining Graphic Art Production at Spirit of Stark

Learn how Seps was able to help streamline the graphic art production process at Spirit of Stark’s growing shop.

Spirit of Stark Co-owner, DJ Zimmerman, and his team specialize in screen printing, embroidery, and custom art production for a variety of clients. They needed a solution to make their graphic art production easier and more organized as their business was growing, and that's when they found Seps.

Working with Graphic Artists Who Understand Screen Printing

DJ heard about Seps from an industry podcast and was impressed with what it could offer. With Seps, Spirit of Stark could work with graphic artists who understand screen printing and its unique language. This made communication between the shop and our team much smoother, ensuring that art files were compatible and ready for screen printing. 

DJ has been thrilled with the results: "Ever since we've joined teams with Seps, our artwork sped up in production… our prints are cleaner, and it's just easier…They communicate very well. They understand the print language there with screen printing."

Streamlining Production with a Simple Platform

One of the biggest problems Spirit of Stark faced before using Seps was inconsistent art files. It resulted in delays, wasted production time, and backlogs that prevented other jobs from being completed on time. But with Seps's streamlined system and intuitive platform, Spirit of Stark can now easily send in jobs, communicate with our team, organize their projects, and receive production files conveniently. Our dedicated team ensures that all their art files, including vectors and color separations, are done quickly and of the highest quality.

Improving Workflow and Quality

Spirit of Stark has been thrilled with the results they've seen since partnering with Seps. They've seen an improvement in their production process, workflow, and the quality of their artwork and designs. They can now provide customers with custom apparel and graphics that meet their high standards and exceed their expectations.

In the words of DJ Zimmerman himself, "They communicate very well, they understand our language with screen printing… it's been great… our setup times are much faster, and prints are cleaner… it's just easy." 

Why do shops like Spirit of Stark use Seps?

Working with Seps means working with graphic artists who understand the art and language of screen printing. This ensures good communication between the shop and our team making art files compatible and ready for screen printing.

If you want to level up your screen printing business like Spirit of Stark, try Seps today. With Seps, you can solve your artwork struggles, get consistent results, and save time and money. Contact us. 

“Since we've joined teams with Seps, our artwork sped up in production. It's cleaner so the crew loves it. The crew loves using It's been great for us so far…”
DJ Zimmerman
Owner of Spirit of Stark