Streamlining Art Production at Printing on Main Street's Fast-growing Shop

Here’s how Printing on Main Street partnered with Seps to help them with the increasing workload in their fast-growing business.

As the business flourished, it became a full-service printing shop offering auto, manual, DTF, DTG, and embroidery printing services. Today, the company is thriving and continues to expand its services.

Seps helps Printing on Main Street by providing a time-saving solution for their production artwork needs, such as vector redrawing, color separations, DTF file preparations, proofs and mock-ups for approval, and more.

Quick Turnaround Time

Vladimir built the business on quick turnarounds. But as it grew rapidly, they started to feel the impact of being unable to turn around stuff quickly because they couldn't get it out of their art department quickly enough. It resulted in delays and bottlenecks, preventing some jobs from being completed on time.

Vladimir realized that the shop needed a partner to help them with their increasing workload, so after attending Print Hustlers in Chicago, he looked into Seps and decided to try it. With Seps as the shop's remote art department partner, turnaround times improved drastically, and orders get completed within 72 hours.

Tailored Solutions for your shop's needs

For Printing on Main Street, Seps help organize some aspects of their operation. They had difficulty managing their contract work, accounting only for 30% of their business. Unfortunately, they were not able to pay enough attention to the contract side of the business, and clients were becoming increasingly frustrated with long wait times since orders were taking too long to enter their system and art was not being processed on time.

Seps adapted to the shop's work system by helping them enter data in Printavo for them and then process the artwork needed. This solution has allowed Vladimir and his team to focus more time and energy on their retail customers while improving the contract side of their business. As a result, customers are more satisfied, and the team is less stressed. 

“It streamlined the process for us. From the moment a sale comes in, thingsare happening simultaneously, and that's streamlined the processfor us, and that's helped with our productivity.” Vladimir shared with Seps. 

Why do shops like Printing on Main Street use Seps?

What makes Seps a service that is easy to work with is that we adapt to the work system of our clients to help them streamline their processes. If you want to level up your screen printing business like Printing on Main Street, try Seps today.

With Seps, you can solve your artwork struggles, get consistent results, and save time and money. Contact us.

“Having you guys there to be able to enter orders for us and at the same time have your artists do the artwork, it just made everything on the contract side smoother. Our clients are happier, and we worry about it less. "
Vladimir Kalman
Owner of Printing on Main Street