Seps makes backlogs non-existent at Turn90

Turn90 streamlines its art production process, making backlogs obsolete and keeping the shop busy. Learn how the team does it with Seps.

With a lot of extra labor in their shop, they had to keep the shop busy but is hindered by backlogs in their art department. This also led them to turndown rush orders due to the lack of capacity to do more art.

Turn90 turned to Seps for help organizing their workflow in their art department so they can do more and scale the business better.

Proactive Remote Art Department

Without the proper design work, products couldn't go into production. But being a non-profit organization, Turn90 couldn't do the necessary design work due to the lack of funds to hire a full-time designer. This led them to look for creative solutions, such as hiring a third-party design firm like Seps to work on their art files.

The team at Turn90 has been making great strides in streamlining their artwork approval process. They faced a challenge in communicating artwork issues with their customers, but with the help of their team of designers from Seps, they have been able to hone in on a system that works efficiently. According to Maura, Turn90’s sales director"The team has been amazing. They're super proactive and are always available. The consistency between the team is awesome."

Easy Integration to the Shop's Management System for Easy Workflow

To organize a more efficient art production workflow for the shop, Seps intergrade into Turn90's existing management system, Tsome. All they need to do is submit a detailed job request, wait for the designer to finish the art, and upload the file to Tsome for approval. Using Seps's simple and professional proofing templates, they are able to send accurate art files to their clients for faster approvals.

This solution ultimately sped up their process and loosened their backlogs, allowing them to take on more rush orders and giving them greater confidence in their operations. 

Why do shops like Turn90 use Seps?

Rather than hiring an in-house designer at their shop, non-profit organizations like Turn90 find it more cost-effective and convenient to work with a remote art department like Seps. With Seps's easy and professional work system to get art jobs done, shops get the confidence they need to do more and scale their business. 

With our services, art production problems will be a thing of the past. Partner with Seps today and elevate your screen printing business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more!

“The whole company is happy. We love that we know that we can submit something and we get it within 24 hours. “
Maura Langston
Director of Sales, Turn90