Reducing the Workload for Sage Screen Printing

Get to know how Seps helped Sage Screen Printing keeps their shop running by standardizing their art production process and reducing their workload.

As a custom printing shop that prints on almost anything from apparel, totes, koozies, and more, they do a lot of color separations. To help him manage the art-related tasks in his shop, Peter Shaulis partnered with Seps, allowing him more time to focus on the other aspects of his business.

Linking up with Seps

Peter found Seps through simple web research. After watching several testimonials about the service, he was convinced that Seps might be a good fit for his business. "I liked the idea of how you can integrate into Printavo and Slack, which we use." Peter shared with Seps. He linked up with Gavin, and the rest is history.

One-stop solution for their art production needs

Peter Shaulis found himself wearing a lot of hats in his small business. As the only one with a formal art background, he was responsible for all art-related tasks, including color separations. This proved difficult for Peter due to his lack of experience in the area. He soon realized he needed to outsource the job to an outside service.

After trying out freelancers and other service providers, he found Seps, which provided him with a one-stop solution for his art production needs - color separations, vector redrawing, proofs and mock-ups, and more - and easy integrations to their systems (Printavo, Slack, etc.) to help keep the press printing.

Seamless Integration with the Shop's Management System

Integrating with the shop's management system, Printavo, and Slack has been a game-changer for Peter. With this solution in place, he's been able to stay connected with his press operators no matter where he is, allowing him to go to sales meetings or make personal deliveries without worrying about his shop.

Peter found the ease of communication, superior customer service, and straightforward setup process to be great assets to level up his business. He has been able to easily enter information into Printavo to ensure his team can get the job done fast and efficiently. His team also works with a Seps representative to ensure everything is ready.

Why do shops like Sage Screen Printing use Seps?

As a small business owner, working with a remote art service provider like Seps has taken a massive load off Peter's shoulders in producing art, giving him more flexibility in running his shop.

If you want to level up your screen printing business, partner with Seps today! Our platform allows you to easily overcome artwork struggles, get precise and consistent results, and save time and money. CONTACT US today to learn more.

“It's nice knowing that if I'm not at the shop and my press operators have a problem, they can jump right on Slack with our rep from Seps, and nothing stops. It doesn't stop because I'm not there.”
Peter Shaulis
Owner of Sage Screen Printing