Meeting Planet Apparel’s niche demands with Seps

Get to know why Planet Apparel trusted Seps for extra creative help to meet the demands of their client’s custom bandanas.

Planet Apparel often encounter bottlenecks in the shop precisely due to the demand of their sales and art department. And with their niche item in demand in their shop, they trusted Seps to work on the art production for their client’s custom bandanas. After getting introduced by Marshall Atkinson to Seps, shop owner Holly Trevino decided to try Seps and has never looked back since.

Understanding the Shop’s Niche Requirements

Holly and her team are often shocked by the results delivered by their designers from Seps. With custom bandanas being one of the most in-demand products in their shop, they need a partner that understands exactly what they need to achieve when creating art for custom bandanas. Working with Seps, they were assigned dedicated artists trained to help them with their niche product.

Customers come to them with their logos and design ideas, and Planet Apparel uses Seps to turn those ideas into reality. Seps provided a team that understands what they need in terms of design, allowing them to create a wide variety of custom-made bandanas that their clients approve of. According to Holly, her team often are surprised by what Seps delivers every time. “We're often shocked, my project manager, Charles, he's like, we'll see what they're going to come back. I said I bet they were going to come back with something good. And you guys really do deliver.” Holly shared with Seps.

Simple to Use Platform, Easy Workflow

Seps was able to provide help to Planet Apparel by delivering them an easy-to-use platform and solution for their production artwork needs – professional proofs and mock-up templates they can use for approval, vector redraws, embroidery digitizing, color separations for screen printing, and more. 

Our platform was designed with easy navigation and a straightforward interface that allow users to fill out a job request quickly, request revisions, get files and track their job status making art production as easy and streamlined as possible. By making processes at Seps both simple and reliable, we ensure a smooth, clean workflow from start to finish.

Why do shops like Planet Apparel like to use Seps?

By partnering up with Seps, Planet Apparel was able to make the bottlenecks in their shop obsolete with the help of Seps. Not only did their workflow improve using our easy and organized process of doing art files, but we were also able to deliver exactly what their customers want for their niche products, thanks to the dedicated art team of Seps, who understands their art design process.

If you want to work with a dedicated art team who understands the art of screen printing, partner up with Seps today and level up your business. Contact us today!  

“Seps has actually done a great job. We give you guys some really difficult design ideas, and you guys actually deliver.”
Holly Trevino
Owner of Planet Apparel