Improving Art Production Workflow at Midnight Supply Company

Learn how Midnight Supply Company was able to scale its business even without an in-house art department with the help of Seps’s art production services.

Located in Seattle, the shop offers screen printing, sewing, and embroidery services on apparel and other printable materials. Partnering with Seps, a complete artwork solution provider, proved it is the perfect solution for Midnight Supply Company's production artwork needs. Christine was impressed with the ease of workflow that Seps brought to her shop. "It's been helpful for mockups as well just to have an automated system that someone can continuously have a workflow of uploading the artwork, naming all the garments we're using, and then we have the mockups to send to our clients.”

Reliable Remote Art Department

Seps provided Midnight Supply Company with vectorization, proofs and mockups, embroidery digitizing, and color separations for screen printing. With SEPS's team of experienced designers and technicians, the shop is now able to quickly turn around proofs and mockups, ensuring that the clients are happy with the final output. "Now we're getting ahead of our schedule. Everything has been automated, and I think ultimately it's been able to help us scale the business," said Christine.

Easy Integration with the Shop's Management System

Seps's platform is designed to provide an easy way for shops to manage their artwork jobs, from requesting to approval. By integrating with their management system, Printavo, Midnight Supply Company can now streamline their workflow and upload artwork files and mockups for their clients to approve. With a more automated system of getting art files ready for screen printing, Midnight Supply Company is now operating with a more organized workflow that enables them to double up their shop's productivity.

Why do shops like Midnight Supply Company use Seps?

Midnight Supply Company partnering with Seps has helped the shop improve its workflow and scale the business without an in-house art department. With reliable and professional artwork services and easy integration with their management system, Midnight Supply Company can now offer their clients high-quality and production-ready art files.

With Seps, you can solve your artwork struggles, get consistent results, and save time and money. If you want to level up your screen printing business like Midnight Supply Company, try Seps today. Contact Us. 

“Now we're getting ahead of our schedule. Everything has been automated, and it's been able to help us scale the business.”
Christine Geronimo
Owner of Midnight Supply Co.