How Mint Prints Leverage Seps to Boost Its Screen Printing Business

Get to know how Seps helped Mint Prints boost the business by saving them more time and money and bringing consistent results for their art production needs.

Running a screen printing business is hard work, but it's even more challenging when you spend most of your time dealing with artwork and mockups. Ronny Hantash, the owner of Mint Prints, can relate. But after discovering Seps at an industry event, he found a way to streamline his workflow and maximize his production. Here's how Seps helped Mint Prints boost its screen printing business:

Solving the Artwork Struggle

The biggest challenge for Mint Prints was handling artwork. It took a lot of time, effort, and resources to hire and train people to create color separations, vector redrawing, and embroidery digitizing. Plus, freelancers weren't always reliable, leaving Ronny to manage the shop and train someone new.

Discovering Seps

“I wasn’t really in the hunt for something but I knew that we are really struggling in that world of artwork. What we do is a lot of creative but there’s a lot of production artwork that people don’t really know the lingo or know how it works…” Ronny explains. There are many creative aspects during the artwork production that need to be communicated with the right people who know exactly what customers want. However, training and supervising people for that is not practical for a busy shop like Mint Prints. 

At an industry event, Ronny met Gavin and his team from Seps. After trying out their services, he knew that Seps was the solution he needed. With Seps, Ronny no longer had to hire and train people to handle artwork. Instead, he submits a detailed job request, and Seps takes care of the rest. “When things came to play with Seps, it’s been about not needing to teach anybody, not needing to rely on somebody coming in for work everyday…” Ronny shared with Seps.

Getting Consistent Results

Working with Seps means working with vetted graphic artists who know how to create artwork for screen printing. Ronny no longer has to worry about training someone new or ensuring the artwork meets his customers' specifications. With Seps's easy-to-use platform, Ronny can send job requests, communicate with the team, and get consistent results every time.

Why do shops like Mint Prints use Seps?

Seps has helped eliminate Mint Print’s need to train and supervise people for the job. It gives them a more organized and easier art production workflow that saves time and money and offers consistent output for their business.

With Seps, you can solve your artwork struggles, get consistent results, and save time and money. If you want to level up your screen printing business like Mint Prints, try Seps today. Contact us. 

“It’s been incredible using It’s definitely changed the game in terms of how much work we’re able to output and the consistency of what we’re able to offer.”
Ronny Hantash
Owner of Mint Prints