How CSI Promotions Increased Production Output by 5 to 10x more!

Learn how Seps was able to help CSI Promotions standardize their art department enabling them to increase their output from 15 jobs to 50 jobs monthly and more!

CSI Promotions offers a wide range of services, including screen printing, embroidery, patchwork, sewing, and finishing. Chris Struder, the owner, shared how they realized how much more work they could do in their shop after working with Seps for their art production needs.

Realizing the Problem

While Chris already had an excellent in-house art team in his shop, it was after learning about art services like Seps that he realized that they were struggling with their output, particularly in his art department. While the artist was good, he realized his artist wouldn't be able to measure up to the output that art services like Seps can provide in terms of art production.

Color separations take a lot of time, and because of that, it was inevitable that his artist would take more time doing separations and proofing and less on doing more graphic design resulting in a decrease in the output they make in their shop. Chris shared, "So he was a very talented artist. But putting all this time into proofing steps and taking away that precious time from high-end graphic design, we just didn't have the bandwidth to do all of it."

Standardizing Art Production for More Output 

They found out about Seps through an ad and decided to try it for a month. They were impressed with the results in the first week and have become loyal customers since then. Seps helped CSI standardize its process and work faster. They were able to outsource their production artwork, which allowed them to upgrade their art production process.  

Chris was even surprised with how much potential growth he had seen for his shop while using Seps. "Working with Seps, you guys definitely surprised us there on increasing our templates, separations, and proofing system, like 1000%." Seps was able to increase its sales from 10-15 jobs per month to 50-70 jobs per month and able to convert more potential jobs.

CSI became more accountable for every artwork that came through their shop. With a more streamlined process, we helped them reduce errors in production, increase productivity, and decrease the resources needed to fulfill orders. This solution allowed them to focus on their strengths, such as marketing and sales, while allowing their team to excel in their areas of expertise.

Why do shops like CSI Promotions like to use Seps?

Chris Struder acknowledged that working with Seps helped their shop quite a bit. They work five to ten times faster than before and are now more productive.

Seps helped CSI Promotions streamline its process, increase production output, and focus more on high-end graphic design. The shop's success is a testament to leveraging technology to overcome business challenges and achieve tremendous success.

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“Seps allowed us to gain those potential jobs and convert them into real jobs and a lot more. We used to do ten to 15 jobs a month…now we're doing 50 to 70 a month and growing.”
Chris Struder
Owner of CSI Promotions