Scope of Work

Here we'll go over what we do, how we do it, and what you can expect when you become an active member of


1. Our Goal

Our goal is to help screen printing shop owners thrive by saving them time and money.

We promise we’ll do right by you and help you fulfill your business’s production artwork related demands.

To make it happen, we've built on three core principles - respect, simplicity, and being intentional.

We are intentional in what we do, and we have built a simple system that helps us fulfill your demands respectfully and on time.

At any point, if you feel that we are not delivering on our promises - please don't hesitate to let us know. We'll act on your feedback immediately.

2. What We Do:

We are an artwork/design agency helping screen printing shop owners with production-ready digital artwork files.

We focus on the most critical and most on-demand production-ready digital artwork file types for screen printing shops. Here is what we offer:

-Vector retrace
-Color separations
-Proofs for approvals
-Light touch up and manipulation to artwork
-Embroidery digitizing (This is an Add-ons)

3. What We Do Not Do:

When sending job requests to us, the first question you should ask yourself is:

Can I clearly describe what I need in written form or a short video recording?

If the answer is no, then we cannot do it.

If you need to have a phone conversation and /or you need creative guidance for most jobs, we are likely not best suited for each other.

More specifically, we do not do:

-Hand-drawn illustrations
-Color separations for more than 12 colors

4. Here's How We Work:

Through your assigned web-based portal, you'll be able to send in job requests, communicate with us, manage your payment, add users, and do more.

We complete most jobs within 1 day of you placing a request. However, some may take longer than one day. Once we evaluate your task, we'll let you know.

We prioritize quality over speed - each job goes through layers of quality control, and for this reason, we limit the number of rush jobs.

4. The Workflow We Use:

1. In your portal, fill out a short form by providing job details. Please ensure your job is clear.

2. Your assigned account manager will review your request, ensure clarity, and move the job to the creative team. Please note that we will place unclear job requests on hold until we reach out to you for clarifications. When this happens, it may slow down the turnaround time.

3. The manager assigns your task to the creative team members, who will complete it fast.

4. The creative team delivers the job, which we then pass through layers of quality control.

5. We'll notify you of completion by sending you the jobs' digital files (you'll receive notification both by email and through the portal)

5. What to Expect From Us:

We will communicate about the status of every job request.

We will respect you and your time.

We will keep things simple for you and your team.

You will have access to account managers and the organization's leadership in case you face any obstacles.

We will complete your jobs professionally and within a reasonable time.

We will give you access to all source files.

6. What we expect from you:

Clear communicationRespecting our team members

7. What do we consider 1 job request ?

1 Job may have any or all three of these design tasks:

- Vector Retrace
- Proofs for Approvals
- Color Separations

We consider a "job" a typical t-shirt or garment decoration order a shop would print.

Example 1

Your customer sends you a jpg and you need proofs and colors separations. We consider this 1 job.

Example 2

You need to print on the front, back, and sleeves - all similar artwork. You need vectors, proofs, and color separations. We consider this 1 job.

Example 3

You have multiple designs and you need multiple proofs and color separations - but it's in the same order. Each design is considered a separate job.

Example 4

You have a job with multiple imprint locations  - front, back, sleeves - they all need vectors and are multi-color. Our account manager will review this job, and we'll determine the "number of requests" to assign to it.

Our rule of thumb is if a job takes a designer more than 1 working hour to complete, we reserve the right to assign multiple "number of requests" to it. We'll let you know in advance if we will assign multiple "number of requests" to a project you send in. However, this is rare.

8. Our Working Hours:

Monday - Friday 8 am - 6 pm Eastern Standard Time

9. Subscription Term:

Each of our subscription plans is a rolling monthly agreement. You'll be able to send in job requests, revisions and communicate with our team during that monthly cycle. Please note that unused job requests do not roll over to the next monthly cycle.

10. Auto-Enrollment:

Once you become a member by paying for a subscription, your account is automatically enrolled into a monthly agreement. The account will renew at the initial purchase rate every 30 days until you change your plan or cancel.

11. Upgrade/Downgrade:

None of our monthly recurring plans are locked into long-term contracts and you are free to upgrade/downgrade your account at any time during your subscription. Upgrades will be done at a prorated amount factoring in the amount you have already paid for your initial plan and the days left in your current period.

Downgrades do not include prorated or partial refunds and you will have access to your initial subscription level of service until the account renews. The renewal charge will reflect the downgraded subscription cost.

12. Account Access after Cancellation:

Customers can access their accounts up to 7 days after the end date of the paid period. At the end of 7 days, the account will be archived.

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