What’s Your Turnaround Time?

When you send in a job, your dedicated artist and account manager will work on it as fast as humanly possible. We strive to get your job completed reasonably fast without compromising quality. Since every job is different and has different levels of complexity, the turnaround time is not a fixed amount of time.

While this is not a guarantee, for most shops with standard capacity we do find most jobs are completed within a day after submitting it to us. For shops that have higher capacity needs, consider upgrading your plan and/or adding more graphic designers to your team for even faster turnaround and closer collaboration.

Is Your Service Really Unlimited?

Yes it is. Shops can send an unlimited number of qualified job requests. Your assigned dedicated artist and account manager will work on your job list every day that they work. Once a job is finished, we'll move on to the next one. You can prioritize which job you want your assigned artist to work on.

What’s the difference between a part-time and full-timer plan? 

The main difference between the part-timer plan and the full-timer plan is output capacity. 

Let’s elaborate. 

With the part-timer plan, your account will be assigned to our graphic designer on a part-time basis. This means that the designer assigned to you has a divided shift to accommodate job requests from a second shop. 

This plan is, therefore, a perfect starter plan for a growing screen-printing shop.

But if you are a busy shop in need of a dedicated graphic artist that can work on your designs full-time, we recommend the Full-Timer Plan. With this plan, your account will be exclusively handled by one artist on a full-time basis --- giving you more output. 

Choosing this plan also allows you to enjoy our services fully, including a dedicated account manager assigned to you who will ensure that your orders are done as seamlessly as possible. 

Regardless of the pricing plan you choose, you can now request as many orders as possible on color separations, mockups, vector retraces, and more with our Unlimited Job Requests offer. Revisions are also unlimited to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the final work. 

All our artists are specially vetted and trained in screen-printing. So, no matter what plan you choose, we always deliver premium-quality production art files that will satisfy your needs.

Do Your Offer a Free Trial?

We do not offer free trials, but we have a 14 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our service, you can cancel and get a full refund.

Do Your Offer One-Off Jobs?

Our artists mainly work on dedicated accounts and to help keep their focus on delivering high quality work to their assigned accounts, we do not offer one-off jobs.

How do I Submit a Job Request?

Login to the portal and submit a job request by filling out a short form with details of your job. We find jobs that are clear go through our flow without friction and thus speed up the delivery for the customer. You can also send us a job request via automation using a shop management tool like Printavo.

How Many Revisions Do You Offer?

Should you need it, we offer unlimited revisions. However, it is rare for customers to ask for a lot of revisions. We start working on tasks with clear instructions. If a task is not clear, we place it on hold until the customer clarifies the requests. We do this because we respect both our customer's and our staff's time.

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

We have a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you try our service and find that we’re not a fit, notify us within 14 days after signing up and we’ll offer a full refund. Our plans are month to month, and you can cancel at any time.

What Can I Expect from the Seps.io Team?

We will respect you and your time. We communicate clearly and provide the status of every job request. We keep things simple for you and our team. You will have access to account managers who will help you deal with any obstacles that you may experience. We deliver professionally done work at a reasonable time. We provide access to all your source files.

What Type of Work Do You Do?

We look at ourselves as partners to screen printing shops.

We help shop owners save time on one of the hardest parts of running a screen printing shops - getting production artwork done in a reliable and professional way.

We do premium production artwork services - vector retrace, color separations, proofs and mock-ups, and embroidery digitizing.

What are Your Working Hours?

Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm Eastern Standard Time

When Am I Billed?

You’ll be billed once a month for your monthly plan. Please note that for add-ons, you’ll be charged one time (immediately) on an as-needed basis.

For shops that have a need for a lot of embroidery digitizing, we can set you up on a prepaid digitizing credit. Embroidery digitizing credit prevents from having to charge your card every time you put in a request. Digitizing credits do not expire and they roll over from month to month.

Credits are used when you place a request for embroidery digitizing.

How Can I Upgrade, Downgrade, or Cancel?

You are free to upgrade/downgrade at any time. Please note that we do upgrades on a prorated amount basis. This means that we factor in the amount you have paid for in your current subscription and the number of days left, to ensure you are charged correctly and fairly.

However, for a downgrades, it takes effect on the next renewal. This means that if you downgrade today, you’ll continue using the current subscription that you have already paid for. We then downgrade your plan on the next renewal.

We hope to work with all our customers on a long-term basis. However, if the business is slowing down, or you want to cancel for other reasons, simply let us know and it will be done.