Top Color Separation Software for Screen Printers

Screen Printing

When you’re designing shirts with a dichromatic scheme, everything is all fun and games — until you need two more colors on the fabric, that is! This means using more layered screens just to get the color distinctions right. If you’ve been in the printing business for a while, you’ll agree that even with careful attention, this is very hit-or-miss.

But what if you can use software that allows you to create distinct hues without the use of multiple screens? That’s where color separation software comes in. We’ll dig into our top picks for the best color seps on the market today.

But first, why do you need color separation? Let’s talk about this a bit, shall we?

Why Do You Need Color Separation Software?

Color separation software enables you to incorporate multiple colors into your design. The best part about color seps is that these kinds of software allow you to print with different colors without messing up your design.

With color separation technology, you can have up to six different colors in your screen print design without sacrificing the integrity of the image. That’s right — you get a clear image with vibrant colors and no smudging at the edges!

So, which color separation software will give you the best results?

We’ve picked the top three and free best color seps for you to choose from!


Free and open-source, GIMP is an excellent entry-level color separation software for those who are on the fence about investing in software. Gimp features free color separation plugins and excellent cross-compatibility with other color seps.

Since GIMP is open source, you can easily integrate it with other kinds of third-party extensions. You can also download those of other users. However, you must download carefully; the open-source availability of GIMP makes it susceptible to all sorts of malware, so don’t download plugins or extensions if you’re not sure of the source.

T-Shirt Factory

T-Shirt Factory is a great free option if you already have an active Adobe Photoshop license. This is because T-Shirt Factory is one of several Photoshop Actions — in other words, it’s not a totally separate software.

T-Shirt Factory is excellent for four-color processing. Don’t let the single-digit color range fool you; the four colors are cyan, magenta, color, and black, opening you to an infinite range of colors after you mix and match them.


InkSeps is a user-friendly color separation software for screen printing novices and experts alike. InkSeps features an intuitive user interface coupled with ongoing tech support in case you get bogged down at any point. Beginners will love the tutorials, which allow them to familiarize themselves with the software step-by-step.

InkSeps also has a web-based option for those who prefer accessing the software’s abilities via a browser instead of an app.

…Or Just Hire Hire a Color Separation Specialist!

There’s always a learning curve to software, and the longer you spend testing out different color separation software, the less time you’ll have for designing — you know, the thing that matters for your business!

Let our team at take the guesswork out of color separation for you. Contact us for all-in-one color separation that adds detail and vibrance to your designs!