How To Hire the Right People for Your Screen Printing Shop

Screen Printing

Screen printing shop owners typically have a hard time finding the right people to work for their shops. This isn’t overly surprising since the job of a printer requires skill and precision that can only develop over time. Beyond the resume, however, screen printing shop owners also want to get people who can jive well with their existing teams.

Fortunately, the hiring process for screen printing shops can be streamlined to funnel in only the best applicants for the job. Here are some tips for hiring officers to follow:

Posting Clear Requirements

Your posting should contain clear and concise information about the duties and skills needed to fill the job. Do you expect them to work on multiple mediums, mix colors, and fine-tune tools when needed? Do you expect the person to help with packing, shipping, and speaking with clients for orders? All of these expectations should be put in the classifieds to instantly weed out the people who will not be a good fit.

Looking Through Qualifications

Ask them to send their resume, CV, or any other documentation showing their capability to fulfill the job. The documentary requirements are completely up to you. Ideally, you should first ask for a soft copy of these requirements before scheduling an interview.


The interview process is where most of your decisions will be made. The interview should tackle the extent of their experience. You can ask detailed questions about different techniques for screen printing and how they’d tackle these jobs. The content of their resume would be an excellent source of questions for you during the interview. For example, you can ask them to expand on their roles and responsibilities while working at XYZ Company. You can also ask about how they can continue or improve their education in their chosen field. Ask them about their preferred ink brands or tool brands — a good screen printer will have an opinion on what tools they work best with.

Introduce the Company

Of course, it’s only fair that after you find out about the applicant — the applicant finds out about you! Take this time to explain more about the business. What do you do and what clients do you normally have? Talk about salary, expectations, and the company culture.

Task-Based Hiring

You’re welcome to ask for a sample of their work. This can be done in one hour or more — depending on what you want them to do. The standard practice is to pay them for this work, whether or not you hire them at the end of the interview. Having applicants do this helps you determine if they’re the right people for the job. Note, though, that the goal is to find the best one from your top choices. Oftentimes, there’s still a need to make adjustments once the new hire is part of the team.

Every good screen printing shop should have an established system for handling and fulfilling orders. More importantly, however, business owners should prioritize hiring graphic design experts to kick off the whole process of screen printing.

Final Thoughts

We understand how difficult it can be to find the right people for a screen printer business, especially a good graphic designer. Graphic designers can be hard to come by, especially ones who have the experience to create more complicated patterns. We here at SEPS.IO provide a one-stop solution that lets you access exquisite art through our team of graphic designers. With our service, you can expect an array of benefits including proofs, vector retracing, unlimited color separation requests, and more. Skip the headache of finding an in-house graphic designer and tap into a system that connects you with some of the best in the world!