How To Grow Your Print Shop Instagram Account


According to a recently released survey, there are 2 billion estimated active monthly users on Instagram and 1.9 estimated active daily users. Moreover, almost 70% of customers use Instagram to explore new products and interact with the brand.

With these skyrocketing numbers, it's only logical to utilize Instagram to bolster your brand presence and position yourself to your target market.

For the non-techies or non-Gen Zs, studying Instagram marketing may sound like learning a foreign language, but it's actually easier than most people think. If you're having trouble marketing your screen printing shop online, this guide is for you!

What Makes Instagram Marketing Effective?

Instagram marketing is part of the many facets of digital marketing. As a member of the family, Instagram marketing shares the same advantages as other digital marketing strategies.

  • Wider reach: Whether your service is limited to your state or you have nationwide coverage, Instagram can help you find your people.
  • Easily find and target your audience: Instagram allows you to set up targeted ads to people according to their interests, demographics, and even behavior.
  • Easily engage with your customers: Customers can communicate with you quickly through the comments and direct messages feature. This makes it easier for you to attend to their inquiries and concerns.
  • Free marketing tools: Similar to other social media platforms, Instagram provides free marketing tools that you can use to further your reach.

Use Instagram for Your Screen Printing Marketing Strategy

Now that we know what makes Instagram a powerful digital marketing tool, it's time you learn how to incorporate this platform into your marketing efforts.

Plan Thoroughly

Before posting your t-shirt designs and pictures of your screen printing processes, you must create a plan and goal for your business account.

This will serve as your foundation and will make it easier for you to track your progress. Here are some questions that can help you get started:

  • What do you want to achieve with your Instagram account?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What kind of content will you post?
  • What will be your brand voice?

Answering these questions will help give your Instagram marketing campaign a clear purpose, which is essential for its success.

Set up a Business Profile

The next step is to set up a business profile on Instagram. An Instagram business account has many helpful features compared to a regular Instagram account. For one, it provides insights or analytics about your posts and stories.

This information can help you track your progress and determine which content performs well and which doesn't. It also allows you to run ads and create promoted posts.

You can also use a business account to post ads, promote a product, generate leads, and help customers easily reach you.

Content Is King

With Instagram, you can play with many different types of content as long as you remain consistent with your content goals and brand identity. Here are some content ideas for your screen printing business:

  • Your product and t-shirt designs;
  • A behind-the-scenes of your screen printing process;
  • Giveaways and promotions;
  • Holiday greetings;
  • A viral post you connected to your business or an industry joke;
  • Interesting facts about the screen printing industry.

Optimize Your Profile

Your profile is the first thing people see when they visit your account. This is why it's crucial to make a good impression by optimizing it. Use hashtags and relevant keywords to make your business more "searchable" in the app.

Consistency Is Key

When it comes to Instagram marketing, consistency is critical. You need to be consistent with your postings to ensure that people will remember your brand and keep coming back for more content.

You can post once or twice a day, but make sure you post quality content that will add value to your followers' feeds.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a powerful digital marketing tool that should not be overlooked, especially if you’re in the screen printing business. Take your business to greater heights by using this platform to reach out to more people and promote your brand.